For our event at Camp Geneva in Holland, MI we will have two types of housing:

Cabins ($100)

Housing in cabins will be based on gender.

We have over 416 beds spread across 36 separate cabins, each containing a gathering lobby and their own bathroom and shower facilities. Each cabin sleeps 11-24 people. Beds are twin size, and arranged as bunk beds. Cabins do not provide bedding or toiletries, so bring your own sleeping bag and tooth brush!

Retreat Center ($130 Sold Out)

The Retreat Center has 20 spacious rooms each equipped with two queen beds. Each room includes a full bath, and a private balcony or patio. All linens including bedding and towels are provided.

  • With few rooms available, these will be reserved for guests, our older members, and families with small children.
  • We suggest grouping with other families. For example, have the dads stay at the cabins, and two moms and their children share a retreat center room. More details on the Children page.
  • For those who are not registering children and would like to stay in the retreat center, we will fill these rooms based on gender, four to a room, to maximize space.
  • There will be a section to put details, like if you are going to stay together with another family in the same room. Please fill it out.
  • As always, if you have any special needs or considerations, or wish to communicate anything to our conference workers, please contact us.

Outside Hotel ($68)

There are a few economical hotels located within 20 minutes of our conference if you would like to stay in a more private room.

The registration fee covers meals and overhead for our conference, not the cost of the hotel, which you are able to reserve for yourself.

This option does not include breakfast on Saturday and Sunday in order to reduce your registration costs, and since some hotels provide a complementary breakfast.

Here are some links that provide information on nearby hotels:




High School members will be placed in separate cabins that will include one or more chaperones. If this is not what you would like, please let us know in the contact form.